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Google got the smartwatch right

These days I keep hearing about how the interest in the Apple Watch is waning, not just from consumers but also from developers. After the initial rush, it seems things have gone rather quiet on the development side, which might not be surprising as it is related to the general enthusiasm in the product itself.

After watchOS 2, one would think things would be looking up for the Apple Watch. But turns out the first version left a bad taste in the mouth for a lot of users, many of whom would have noticed just how slow the apps were to load before native apps came along.

The thing is, one would assume being the last to the smartwatch game, Apple would get it right, as it usually does. The Apple’s implementation would be the best and the company would once again show everyone how it’s done. But turns out, it didn’t. But you know who did? Google.  Read more

Few things to remember before buying a TV

It’s holiday season. There are discounts everywhere. You want to buy a TV. That’s great. TVs are great. Beats staring at a wall any day. But there are some things to keep in mind before buying one. Here’s what I could think of.  Read more

Regarding the iPhone 6s pricing

Apple has sent out the prices for the upcoming iPhone 6s to retailers, which has naturally leaked online. If it wasn’t clear already, it should be now. The phone is shit expensive, starting at ₹62,000 for the base iPhone 6s 16GB to ₹92,000 for the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB. ₹92,000 for a phone seems downright ridiculous, and it is. But Apple has no intention anymore of competing with mainstream or even flagship Android devices on the market.  Read more

10 things to remember before buying something online

E-commerce in India has taken off in a big way in the past couple of years, especially after the launch of Flipkart. While rural India might not be in on it yet, in most of the cities people have used or at the very least heard of online shopping sites.

Their popularity is not difficult to understand. They offer a convenient place to see various products, compare prices, read opinions of people who have purchased it previously, get discounts, and with the help of roughly three muscles of your body purchase something that would have previously required you to go outside and actually talk to people.

But while all that is definitely great, there are notable downsides to online shopping as well. There is the obvious delay between purchasing something and actually getting it in your hands, something you don’t have to deal with offline shopping. And then of course there is the chance of getting duped by the seller, since you don’t actually see the product before buying. But if you keep a few things in mind, online shopping can be a very gratifying experience. I’ve personally switched to online shopping for practically everything that can be purchased online and I’ve never regretted it once. Sure, there have been a few setbacks but overall it has been a good experience and maybe if you keep these ten things in mind, it would be for you as well.  Read more

‘The Flash’ Season One review

The Flash is a television show on CW based on the life of the Flash from DC Comics, specifically the Barry Allen Flash (there are other Flash(es?) as well).  The first season started last year and ended last month after a rather long 23 episode run.

In The Flash, Barry Allen works as CSI for the Central City Police Department. Barry’s mother was murdered by an unknown, inexplicable phenomenon when he was a kid and his father was wrongfully accused of her murder and put in prison. Since then, Barry lives with his neighbor, Detective Joe West and his daughter Iris West, whom he grows up with. Now an adult, Barry works with Joe at the police department and has been harboring a secret crush on Iris since childhood.

When the particle accelerator created by scientist Dr. Harrison Wells explodes, it affects some of the people in Central City, giving them special abilities. Barry also gets struck by a lightning caused by the explosion, which gives him his super speed. Dr. Wells saves his life, and also helps him control and master his new power, along with his two employees, Dr. Caitlin  Snow and Cisco Ramon at S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry then starts working with them, using his powers to stop people with enhanced abilities (called metahumans) and generally help people out, while keeping his identity a secret.  Read more

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