Captain America: Civil War Review

Short review: Captain America: Civil War is fantastic and you should go watch it now.

Long review: Captain America: Civil War is a movie that is a result of combining great characters with great writing. This is what Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice should have been, but wasn’t.

I am going to use Dawn of Justice for comparison, because there are a lot of similarities here, other than just the fact that they both came out the same year. For starters, both start off roughly the same way, where people are unsure about the usefulness of the Avengers, or more precisely, wondering if they are more harm than good. UN decides that the Avengers can no longer operate privately, something half the team members agree with, and the rest don’t. And there we have our movie.  Continue reading “Captain America: Civil War Review”


‘Gravity’ Review

We’ve all dreamt of going into space one day. Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated with its beauty and mystique. But while it can be extremely enchanting, it’s also an incredibly hostile place and no movie has ever managed to capture the beauty and terror of space quite like Gravity.


Gravity primarily deals with being stranded in outer space. The main characters in the movie get separated from their shuttle after being struck by fragments of satellite hurtling at breakneck speeds. After that, they are on their own, stranded in space with no radio communication and a depleting oxygen supply.

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Oh noes! iPhone’s supremacy is coming to an end!

Another day, another post from the ‘ERMAHGERD AERPEL IS DYEING’ category, this time from Radu Tyrsina of Technology Personalized.

Is iPhone’s Supremacy Coming to an End?

I’m just going to assume the author thinks it is, otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered writing this.

The first section in the article is labelled ‘The iPhone is losing its charm’ and the first sub-section is called ‘People love the iPhone despite its drawbacks’. So which one is it? I’m not sure. Neither does the author for that matter. Continue reading “Oh noes! iPhone’s supremacy is coming to an end!”