Smartphone Buyer’s Guide: March 2018

These are some of the best smartphones available in the market today. Instead of choosing arbitrary price categories, I’ve just listed all the phones I think are worth buying and the reader can choose whichever fits their budget. The phones are chosen based on my personal experience with them, unless mentioned otherwise. Below each are links to purchase them.


Best and Worst Phones of 2016

2016 has been a rollercoaster ride. The sort where you go up once and then keep going down all the way until you hit the ground and several people die and there is blood everywhere and the screaming just doesn’t stop…

Anyway, 2016 has also been an interesting year for phones. Apple dropped the headphone jack. Samsung dropped a bomb. And BlackBerry dropped dead. But guess what? Nokia is coming back! Sort of.

Amidst all of this we got some pretty great phones this year. And a few duds. But let’s start with the good ones first before we get to the duds. 


Understanding two-step authentication and internet security

The proliferation of the internet is one of the best things to have happened during our time. But while it has proven to be a brilliantly useful tool, in the wrong hands it has also proven to be quite dangerous. With the increase in online accounts, we have also seen an increase in the number of black hat hacks, where nefarious members of the online community have taken hold of someone’s account for committing internet theft or just to write “haha gay1!!1 l0lz” on their Twitter.

All the online accounts come with a basic form of security, a password. A series of letters, numbers, and special characters that form the first line of defence against people who are not you trying to gain access to your account. This may have been enough a few years ago but with the advent of brute force cracking and social engineering, a password, no matter how complicated, can no longer be trusted to be your only security measure.

Unfortunately, a lot of websites still offer a password as the only security measure for your online account. However, a growing number of websites these days also provide a second, more robust line of defense against hackers, the two-step authentication. This is where you will learn what it is, and why you should have had it enabled even before you read this. 


The future of tablets

I was reading this piece on Android Police about the slow demise of the Android tablet. While reading I realized that my own iPad Air has ben doing little more than sitting on my desk and gathering dust for the past year.

Back when the iPad first came out it made sense. It provided a larger canvas for things that the relatively small screens of smartphones back then weren’t suitable for and at the same time it was more portable and easier to use than a computer. This was pretty much Apple’s marketing pitch for the iPad, a device that sits in the gap between the iPhone and the MacBook.

With the passage of time, the displays on the smartphones kept getting bigger and laptops have gotten increasing smaller and lighter. Due to this, the gap that tablets once inhabited has turned into a slit. 


Some thoughts on the new MacBook Pro

Last Thursday, Apple announced the new MacBook Pro line. This has been a long time coming and people have been waiting to update their old models to the new ones. For a lot of people, the MacBook Pro is their only computer, and doubles up as a home entertainment and professional editing machine/workstation. Understandably, a lot of people were looking forward to this event.

And then it happened. And it was The Worst Thing Ever™. Or so some people say.