I’ll be honest, I had no idea what Mad Max was until I saw Fury Road yesterday. All I know now is that there were three movies before that came out long time back and they were all successful and critically acclaimed and shit. I went into Fury Road with absolutely no idea what I’m about to witness and thus expectations were at an all time low.

But boy was I impressed. It’s hard not to talk about this movie without resorting to hyperboles, but then the entire movie feels like one giant two hour long hyperbole. It’s an action movie in the truest sense of the word. It’s pure, distilled action with a side of complete insanity.

Fury Road takes place in a dystopian world destroyed by nukes, where most of the humans and even the animals have been altered in some way due to the radiation. One man, Immortan Joe, has control of all the water and in effect, all the people. He has an army of men to do his bidding, all more than happy to give their lives for him. In fact, they look forward to it. Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) who works for Immortan Joe, betrays him and escapes with something very precious to Joe. Along with her, is Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy), a prisoner of Joe’s army of War Boys who kept him for his blood.

Despite the title, the movie is really more about Furiosa than Max, and Tom Hardy, although an important character, feels more like a supporting actor than the lead. Charlize Theron absolutely delivers as Furiosa and was wonderful to watch. But the show was stolen by a rather excellent performance by Nicholas Hoult, who plays Nux, one of Joe’s War Boys. The War Boys are absolutely crazy bunch of people, equally willing to kill and die for Joe, and Hoult brings the lunacy to the table with full force. Tom Hardy was good, but really, no one is going to remember him for this movie.

But acting aside, it’s the action that really takes your breath away and leaves you feeling numb by the end of the movie. It’s absolutely relentless and the pacing is just nerve-wracking. The movie almost feels like it was shot at normal speed and then sped up like 4x for playback. Before your mind can even comprehend one thing something else happens, and this keeps going on for 120 minutes. Fury Road really is just 4-5 really long action sequences that happen one after the other with just a few minutes of respite in between so you don’t die completely while watching it.

And joining the absurd visuals is the sound that is just constantly pounding you from every side. This movie is LOUD, like, a ‘Gujarati uncle with a megaphone’ loud. Combine that with the action and it’s really hard not to get overwhelmed and frankly, a bit scared.

I’m not sure if this is par for the course for all Mad Max movies but that’s how Fury Road was. Nobody actually does any coke on screen but you know a lot was consumed behind the camera to come up with this. Mad Max: Fury Road was bombastic, brash, high octane, over-the-top, ear-shattering lunacy. And I absolutely loved it.