‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ movie discussion

It’s movie review time! Actually, no, it’s not a review. I’m calling it a ‘discussion’ because I’m not really qualified to review movies. Also, reviews are more purposeful while this is mostly just a rambling. 

Spoiler Alert: This is for people who have watched the movie. If you haven’t you should. It’s a good movie. Then come back and read this.

After I watched Age of Ultron, I said “Age of Ultron was good. It just didn’t go above and beyond the way you’d expect a sequel to.” I’d like to further elaborate on that. In retrospect, what I said was both right and wrong. Looking back at the first Avengers, I remember having somewhat mixed feelings about it. The movie had a thoroughly enjoyable climax sequence, the best of any Marvel movie to date, and possibly why I have a Blu-ray of the movie. But it took a long time to build to that. Most of the first half wasn’t as interesting or exciting as it could be and although it had a glorious orgasm, there was a fairly long and tedious foreplay that lead to it. The movie sort of peaked at that one point, without too many other highlights.

Age of Ultron, in comparison was more balanced. There was no one point that really stood out in particular but there were many good moments throughout the movie that kept it entertaining through almost its entire run time. So in that way it’s better and worse than the original, where it didn’t really had truly spectacular moments (although that fight between Iron Man and Hulk came very, very close) but had a more balanced spread of action and excitement.

I liked the humor in the movie as well. As with the first one, the dialogues are interspersed with well timed jokes that always landed well with the audience in the theater. Joss Whedon’s dialogues to me fall on just the right side of the border between actually funny and trying too hard. They also help keep the lighthearted tone of the Marvel movies that you don’t find in the DC movies.

To me what lacked the most in Age of Ultron was the titular character. Ultron just wasn’t a strong villain. At no point did he feel particularly menacing or dangerous, which made it harder to take his threats and plans seriously. Loki from the first movie was a far better villain, mostly because he had a far better personality. Not only was he evil as fuck, but there was also something likable about him. Ultron, on the other hand, came across as cold and calculating, but never particularly threatening. And him inheriting Stark’s humor made him seem even less serious. His strength really came from his numbers but all alone he’s not much.

Speaking of numbers, it’s rather odd that the movie focused on killing every one of the robots to kill Ultron. This was after establishing that he practically lives on the internet. Couldn’t he have just backed himself up somewhere? I mean, this is like breaking all the computers in your house to get rid of your website. The dude’s on the internet, what’s the point breaking the machines? Watched the movie again and noticed that the first thing that Vision does when he faces Ultron is grab his head and wipe every trace of him from the internet.

I also had some issues with the Maximoff twins. They had a grudge on Stark, which was misplaced to begin with; it’s not like he tried to kill them, it was just someone who used his missiles. It’s like wanting to kill Hyundai CEO if someone tried to run you over in one of their cars. But for some reason, they don’t have a grudge anymore later in the movie. All that happens is that they find out that Ultron is actually a jackass who wants to kill everyone on the planet but nothing really happens that would make them stop having a grudge on Stark. Like what, do they suddenly realize he’s not a bad guy? Did they never see him going around doing shit in the Iron Man suit before the final battle?

And as for Quicksilver in particular, his role in this movie was less memorable than it was in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Never mind that they changed the actor and gave him (and Scarlet Witch) a Russian accent but he was far less cool in this movie. He also barely had any screen time where he was doing anything important. It’s like they felt this guy’s going to be dead at the end of the movie anyway so let’s not bother wasting developing his character or giving him more screen time. Instead, Scarlet Witch gets more focus in the movie and eventually ends up becoming an Avenger.

Vision was also underutilized. It felt like they were saving him for future movies and so they showed very little of him this time. He could have kicked a serious amount of ass on screen but you just see him on and off a few times at the end.

By the way, where’s Pepper? And Jane? They managed to get Selvig in both movies but Jane seems conspicuously absent in both movies. And now even Pepper’s gone. They had Hayley Atwell and Idris Elba doing two second cameos but they couldn’t get either of these characters to appear even once in the movie.

And Hawkeye has a family yay! Except somehow that never came up before when Loki had complete access to his brain and never once mentioned it, even while talking to Black Widow.

More fun observations: While everybody else just gets a fun little movie played in their mind while hypnotized by the Scarlet Witch, only Hulk gets to go on a mindless rampage. Also the twins don’t kill Stark in the beginning when they had the chance but just choose to show him a hallucination. They are nice like that.

Anyway, I’m sure I’d find more flaws if I keep digging into it. The fact is though this is still a very entertaining movie. I doubt it’s going to make it to my Blu-ray collection but I had a good time with it and you should definitely watch it if you are into Marvel stuff.