Want a powerful and compact Android phone? Tough luck.

I was talking to my friend and ex-colleague Frazier today about the Galaxy Note when he said something that I found both sad and interesting. He told me about how he cannot upgrade from his HTC Desire to a new powerful Android smartphone because all of them were gigantic. 

This made me think: what does a person who wants a powerful Android smartphone, but one that isn’t too big, buy? The answer was surprisingly ‘nothing’. There is not a single high-end Android phone out there that isn’t the size of a fucking skateboard. Think about all the high-end Android phone out there right now. Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, RAZR, Sensation XE/XL/XXL/XV/ABC/WTF/BBQ, etc. They are all massive. And then there is King Kong himself, the Galaxy Note. A ‘phone’ so big you need the wicket keeper’s gloves just to hold it. 

Why aren’t Android manufacturers making high-end smartphone for people with normal hands? What is a person who wants a dual-core Android smartphone but one with a display that is less than 4-inches supposed to buy? Does a dual-core phone have to be double the size of a single-core phone? 

And then people wonder why the iPhone sells so much. It’s the only dual-core smartphone out there that does not require two people to carry it around. Apple could have snuck in one of their Cinema Displays into the iPhone if they wanted to and people would have still bought it. But they stuck with that display size for so long and that’s because it makes sense. Meanwhile, everyone else is making massive phones to compensate for the size of their tiny dicks. 

Wasn’t the whole point of buying an Android phone to get freedom of choosing whatever you want? The only choice here that I see for a high-end Android smartphone buyer is choosing a phone that is ridiculously large or a phone that is ridiculously large. Most people then just go with the one that is ridiculously large. 

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