Samsung Reportedly Hits Apple with 20% Price Increase for iOS Device Chips

It seems Samsung has increased the cost of its processors that it supplies to Apple for use within iOS devices. The first thing that comes to mind is that this has been done out of malice or as payback to the legal issues between the two companies. However, if this is true then Samsung is going to have an axe-shaped slit in its feet.

Apple has been said to be in talks to find another foundry to manufacture its chips. It already designs its own chips so all it needs is someone to manufacture them. With rumors of this going around, Samsung would be a fool to increase the prices without a sensible reason as that would only speed up the process of Apple going elsewhere to get its chips made.

I just think the rise has come out of increase in the price of the parts or something to that effect. Samsung would know better than to alienate its best customer.

Update: And Samsung does know better. A company spokesperson has confirmed that Samsung has not increased the prices.

Does Samsung Really Innovate, Or Is TouchWiz Just A Big Bag Of Gimmicks?

Couldn’t agree more with this article. I noted this when I was using the Galaxy S III as well. No doubt the phone has some useful features, like the shortcuts in the notification screen, the ability to change different volume levels and display brightness without having to dig into the settings option and being able to bring up the notification screen even in fullscreen apps, something no other Android phone does.

But then there are a ton of other completely useless features as well, something I doubt anyone would ever really use. It’s this typical Samsung philosophy of throwing everything out there and hoping something would stick at play here. It shows in their hardware as well as their software. There is no focus and no decisiveness in picking stuff that is the best and only offering that to customers. This is the same sort of stuff that Microsoft does.