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Nexus 5 review

After having used all of them and actually owning one (a Nexus S) for close to two years, I’m not exactly new to the world of Nexus phones. But in all these years I’ve never particularly been a fan of them. While I can understand the allure of stock Android for some, for me it was too much of a barebones experience that relied heavily on third party apps to make up for its many shortcomings. Otherwise known as iOS.

Nexus 5

But off late, Google has been doing some good things with Android and except for a few things it has managed to bring the base OS on par with what the Android OEMs have been doing, at least as far as the useful features are concerned. As such, when the time came to upgrade my trusty Galaxy S III (which, for all its flaws, I enjoyed using for well over a year), the Nexus 5 seemed like the most sensible option available at the moment.  Continue reading