Some thoughts on the new iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s

I wasn’t going to write anything about these because I didn’t think I had anything to say but then I thought what the hell.

iPhone 5c

So the iPhone 5c. Honestly, I’m not surprised Apple didn’t make a cheap iPhone. They did the same with the MacBook Air. Everyone expected them to make a cheap MacBook Pro. Instead, the priced it higher than what people expected but delivered a better product. They did the same with the iPhone. They still have the 4S if you want a cheaper iPhone. Anything cheaper than that would come with severe compromises and that’s not how Apple rolls.

The new colors look nice. I know Nokia likes to take credit for the colors but it’s not like Apple never made anything in color (just look at the iPods and the previous Macs). Let’s not even get into what Nokia phones looked like before the iPhone. And Nokia has been making color phones since ages now. If Apple was taking inspiration from Nokia, every iPhone since the first one would be in color. And they would be selling their hardware division to Microsoft. But let’s not make fun of the dead.  Continue…

iPhone 5 India launch expected on October 26

Nice scoop by BGR India. Good to see Apple stick to the one month late India launch strategy, as opposed to the ‘several months late’ strategy or the ‘never-ever launch because fuck you that’s why’ strategy.

It is being said that Apple will be selling the phone directly this time instead of going through the carriers, so expect lower prices and wider availability. Still, this is a new iPhone, so it’s going to be expensive. I’m guessing 48k for the cheapest 16GB model. The price is the only reason why I am not even considering getting one.

2 Million

That’s the number of people who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 within 24 hours of it going up on the site, setting a new industry record. In comparison, the iPhone 4S received one million pre-orders on the first day. 

This has become almost a routine now. Every year Apple announces a new iPhone. The media then derides it in a variety of ways, usually based on just the keynote. Then the phone goes on sale and gets sold more in a weekend than most phones do in their lifetime. Same story next year. 

I think it’s about time the media took their complaints and unreasonable expectations elsewhere because no one in the real world seems to care about them. 


Ever since Apple announced the iPhone 5, everyone and their drug dealer is throwing the word “innovation” around, some who probably don’t even know what it means. The insinuation being that the iPhone 5 is not innovative enough. 

I won’t argue whether it is or isn’t. Some of the best innovations are often hidden deep inside the product and not talked about. I’m pretty sure you can’t have a product as thin and light as the iPhone 5 with all that it does without some serious innovations under the hood. 

No, what I want to talk about is this sudden expectation from Apple to be innovative every year. It’s basically the equivalent of expecting BMW to release cars with different shape wheels every year. What? Circle again? BMW is doomed. Audi already released a car six months ago with hexagon wheels. 

This is what I’m talking about. Innovation for the sake of innovation. Never mind that BMW might have the best damn circular wheels anyone has. Never mind that the hexagon wheels on the Audi are extremely retarded. But they are innovative so Audi roxx and BMW suxx. 

Also, the expectations are always ridiculously and unreasonably high from Apple. As if it’s the Ministry of Magic or something, that can conjure up insanely advanced, never before seen tech for their products every year.

Did anyone ask Samsung why they didn’t innovate with the Galaxy S III? The only noticeable innovation in that product is that it watches whether you’re looking at the screen and a display that makes a bloop-bloop sound every time you touch it. One doesn’t work very well and the other makes you cringe every time. And yet, people are fine with that. 

I admit, Apple could have done better on the software front, especially after six years and had a better name that does not defy the laws of mathematics (and logic). But to throw the word “innovation” around like it’s the only thing that matters is a new product is stupid. 

Innovation for the sake of innovation is pointless. I’d rather have product that polishes and perfects existing features (e.g. the panorama mode) rather than a dozen new features that no one bothers to use. And that includes NFC. 

The magic number

This is something that has been bothering me for a while now ever since Apple announced the iPhone 4 two years ago. 

You see, if you calculate the pixel density of the Retina display on the iPhone 4 or the 4S, it turns out to be 329.65 ppi, bit higher than the 326 ppi figure that Apple touts. Now Apple is not the one to downplay anything, which is why this struck me as odd. 

Yesterday, Apple announced the new iPhone 5 with a display resolution of 1,136 x 640 and 4-inch diagonal size. Once again Apple is claiming 326 ppi and this time they are correct, the actual pixel density is 325.97 ppi. 

Why do you think Apple would use a smaller number to describe the pixel density on their previous display, that too a number that is curiously exactly the same as the pixel density of this new display that they launched two years later? 

It seems to me then Apple has been toying with the idea of using this exact display before, but they probably didn’t as it would have been too much of a jump for the developers from the 480 x 320 resolution display on the 3GS.

It made sense then to use 326 ppi for the previous Retina display, cause if they had used 330 ppi it would have seemed a step down when they would eventually upgrade to this longer display. Makes me wonder then why they didn’t use it on the 4S last year. 

Of course, I could just be high on all this cocaine and imagining things. 

Regarding Apple, Samsung and the patent system

So Apple won the lawsuit against Samsung today. Not that it was a surprise. Anyone who doesn’t have Samsung or Google’s dick shoved up their ass knew what the outcome was going to be. Samsung blatantly copied Apple in the past and they got what they deserved. 

What happens now is a sudden rise in the number of patent experts in the world. By “patent experts” I mean anyone with an Internet connection. And you’ll hear the same thing that you heard the last time when Apple won a lawsuit, that the patent system is broken. 

Notice how the patent system is always broken when it’s Apple who wins the case and some how it is justice or karma whenever they lose? 

I’m not an expert on patents so I won’t comment on whether the system is broken or in need of a reform. I also won’t talk about whether Apple’s patents are genuine or bogus. 

What I will say is that in the end, regardless of the genuineness of the patent, Samsung chose to infringe it. They could have avoided doing that, as several other manufacturers do, but they didn’t. 

In my opinion, anyone who infringes upon existing patents either needs to pay licensing fees or stop using it, unless the patent is owned by a patent troll who does not make any products but simply hoards patents, waiting for someone to use them and then strike them with a lawsuit. 

Apple has been found using other’s patents in the past, for which they have had to pay licensing fees. Samsung should be treated no differently. I’m especially less sympathetic towards Samsung because they willfully infringed them, simply to try and make their products look as close to Apple’s as they can. 

It’s easy to sit in front of your computer and comment upon whether one company is right or wrong in suing someone for illegally using their IP when it’s not your work being stolen. Imagine writing an article and having someone steal and publish it under their name, having made just minor changes so that it wouldn’t look exactly like yours but you know that it essentially is.

When you wrote the article, you did not create the language for it. You used words and sentences and grammar that existed before. But the final product was still yours. Others can use the same language or grammar, but not the same words in that same order. That is essentially what Samsung did and why Apple sued them. 

What I find appalling is people completely disregarding what Samsung did and fixating on Apple’s patents, as if it somehow makes what Samsung did less terrible. Reminds me of the times a rape victim is blamed for dressing inappropriately when in fact it’s the rapist who should get all the blame. What Samsung did was wrong and debating on whether Apple’s patents are good or bad is not going to make it any less wrong. 

So for once, let’s concentrate on the real wrongdoer here and not look for opportunities to talk shit about Apple, even though I know how some people love doing that. 

The Man Who Laughed At The iPhone

The idea that Apple might get into the TV business is apparently making Samsung laugh. This reminds me of an incident that happened a while ago. There was a man called Steve Ballmer, who once laughed at the iPhone.

Here he is, producing the aforementioned laughter from his smug face. 

You know what happened to that man? He got his ass handed to him by Apple. Not only did his precious Windows Mobile fail, even the new Windows Phone is having a hard time. All this from a company that not just Ballmer but many other believed couldn’t succeed in this segment. 

And now we have Samsung laughing at the yet to be announced Apple TV. This is the same Samsung, by the way, that is getting its ass torched in almost every field Apple operates in, including smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and notebooks. 

I’m going to file this under my own claim chowder folder. Couple of years down the line, we’ll see who’s laughing.