Regarding benchmarks and numbers

I have been meaning to write this down for quite some time now but following the latest relevant event I thought now would be the best time.

Veteran tech site AnandTech published its review of the OnePlus 3 a couple of days back. The reviewer minced no words in lambasting the display of the phone, calling it a “huge disappointment” as the phone set some of the worst scores in their tests. As a result, a lot of people now think that the phone has a terrible display.

Before I continue, I want to clarify that I have a huge amount of respect for AnandTech, as it is one of the few sites out there that really gets to the core of the matter, with some exhaustive testing from reviewers who know more about these things than most of us do. Having said that, I feel there is a fundamental flaw in their way of testing things, that doesn’t often present the whole truth to the readers.  Continue reading “Regarding benchmarks and numbers”


iOS 10 Wish List

(This is a guest post by Rohan Naravane. He works for Pricebaba and occasionally writes for NDTV Gadgets 360 and The Huffington Post. You can read his entire post below, along with a couple of my comments in brackets, such as this one. – PN) 

In 2016, iOS will celebrate its  9th anniversary. Nine years ago, Apple changed the course of how we use mobile phones today, and the OS that powers iPhones, iPads & iPod touches has come a long way. I’ve been making iOS wish lists for a couple of years now, and as I write every word, it almost seems pointless. Apple will end up doing what it will see fit; it always has been known for that.

Or has it? There are side-by-side comparisons of every highlight feature of iOS 9 that were inspired from its competitors. Tim Cook’s Apple seems to be more accommodating than ever before. Think about it, if back in 2011, I would have told you that a few years later iPhones will have 3rd party keyboards, widgets, full multitasking, and picture-in-picture video, you’d be laughing real hard at me. Well, they’re here now. And that gives me a chance to dream, dream of how I secretly want iOS to have all the good things that Android has, while still maintaining its own goodness and finesse. So here is this year’s wish list that include those minor, nitpicky changes that hopefully will make many iOS users happy, while pissing off the purists.  Continue reading “iOS 10 Wish List”


Best Phones of 2015

Year end lists are fun. It’s always good to look back and reminisce about the beginning of the year when you naively thought this year was going to bring something better over the pain and suffering of the previous year things that came out earlier on in the year and see how far you’ve come since then, which might not seem like much since it’s only one year but even a year can be a lot in the realm of technology. I made one list last year of the best phones that came out in 2014 and I thought that was pretty great so I’ve been meaning to do this one for some time now but waited almost till the end to get my hands on as many phones I could. I used three different new phones in the last two days alone, so clearly this was a good idea.

Now the title might suggest I’m going to list ALL the good phones that came out this year, but in reality I’m only going to list the ones I’ve actually used. No poser bullshit here; if I haven’t used it, I’m not going to talk about it. As such, quite a few phones are missing from this list, the iPhone 6s, most notably. As much as I’d like to, I still haven’t managed to spend any amount of time with the device. I’m sure it’s a great phone and I can see it has already made it to several people’s year end lists but I haven’t used it. Same goes for any LG phone, including the G4 and the V10, the latter not even being launched in India. Also for the Sony Xperia phones, the Z5, Z5 Compact (again, not launched in India) and the crazy Z5 Premium with the 4K display. And the BlackBerry Priv, which I was greatly looking forward to get my hands on.

Still, I did manage to use around 50 different phones this year from different manufacturers (pretty sure half of them were Samsung). So from those 50 something, here are the ones I thought were the best, in no particular order.  Continue reading “Best Phones of 2015”


Google got the smartwatch right

These days I keep hearing about how the interest in the Apple Watch is waning, not just from consumers but also from developers. After the initial rush, it seems things have gone rather quiet on the development side, which might not be surprising as it is related to the general enthusiasm in the product itself.

After watchOS 2, one would think things would be looking up for the Apple Watch. But turns out the first version left a bad taste in the mouth for a lot of users, many of whom would have noticed just how slow the apps were to load before native apps came along.

The thing is, one would assume being the last to the smartwatch game, Apple would get it right, as it usually does. The Apple’s implementation would be the best and the company would once again show everyone how it’s done. But turns out, it didn’t. But you know who did? Google.  Continue reading “Google got the smartwatch right”