Samsung Reportedly Hits Apple with 20% Price Increase for iOS Device Chips

It seems Samsung has increased the cost of its processors that it supplies to Apple for use within iOS devices. The first thing that comes to mind is that this has been done out of malice or as payback to the legal issues between the two companies. However, if this is true then Samsung is going to have an axe-shaped slit in its feet.

Apple has been said to be in talks to find another foundry to manufacture its chips. It already designs its own chips so all it needs is someone to manufacture them. With rumors of this going around, Samsung would be a fool to increase the prices without a sensible reason as that would only speed up the process of Apple going elsewhere to get its chips made.

I just think the rise has come out of increase in the price of the parts or something to that effect. Samsung would know better than to alienate its best customer.

Update: And Samsung does know better. A company spokesperson has confirmed that Samsung has not increased the prices.


iPhone 5 India launch expected on October 26

Nice scoop by BGR India. Good to see Apple stick to the one month late India launch strategy, as opposed to the ‘several months late’ strategy or the ‘never-ever launch because fuck you that’s why’ strategy.

It is being said that Apple will be selling the phone directly this time instead of going through the carriers, so expect lower prices and wider availability. Still, this is a new iPhone, so it’s going to be expensive. I’m guessing 48k for the cheapest 16GB model. The price is the only reason why I am not even considering getting one.


Remembering Steve

It’s been exactly one year since Steve Jobs passed away. To commemorate this day and the man himself, Apple has put up a nice tribute in the form of a video that plays when you visit today. Following the video is a quick note from Job’s successor, Tim Cook.

True to the Apple tradition, the video is simple and effective and Cook’s words are heartfelt. It is indeed a wonderful tribute.

It’s been a year since the unfortunate incident but Apple has shown no signs of slowing down, no matter how hard some people try to say otherwise. They have given us several great new products this year: the new iPad, the MacBook Pro with Retina display, the iPhone 5, the new iPods. And there’re still three more months left in this year and possibly, a ‘one more thing’.

It’s clear then that Jobs left the company in the hands of some truly amazing people. He may not be physically at Apple anymore but nevertheless, the company continues his legacy of being truly awesome.

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Regarding the missing Home button on the iPad 3 teaser image

Apple has just sent out media invites for the next generation iPad event (which I shall refer to as the iPad 3). The image shows a finger pointing at the calendar icon on the screen. Conspicuous in its absence, however, is the Home button. A lot of people are thinking that Apple may have finally decided to remove it from the next iPad. So I decided to look into it a bit and come to the conclusion that the iPad is actually just in landscape mode. Here are some facts that support my theory. 

The first picture shows the iPad 3 and the second shows the iPad 2 in portrait mode. Notice those bubbles in the background on the wallpaper. Notice how they don’t fall in the same place as the icon in the picture above, which suggests that the iPad 3 is in landscape mode, which explains why you don’t see the Home button. 

Of course, my theory will fall apart if Apple is using more or less than four icons on the dock, or if they have modified the wallpaper in the iPad 3. But somehow I don’t think either of that’s true. The Home button is still there. Just not visible in this picture.