OnePlus X Review

OnePlus X Review

So I finally uploaded my OnePlus X review, which at this point is almost a month late. It’s probably irrelevant now but I’ve actually been working on it for quite a while so I thought I’d upload it anyway whenever it was finished.

While watching it again today, I noticed the verdict at the end sounded rather negative so I thought I should clarify. Truthfully, I quite liked using the phone and I still use it every now and then even though the review is long done. The thing is, people might be fooled into believing they are getting an astounding deal considering the price and the specs on paper but that’s not really the case. It’s inexpensive, but not exactly great value for money, which is what I was getting at in the verdict. 

I cannot stress enough how bad the camera is. I can usually work around substandard cameras but this one is just too awful. I take a lot of photos on my phone and I know a lot of people do the same. For most people, their phone is their only camera, so I cannot in good faith recommend something that takes godawful pictures 90% of the time. Anyone who says this phone has a good camera is literally blind. There is no other explanation.

Secondly, it’s buggy. Not as bad as the OnePlus 2, but it is. For a company that prides itself on the ‘Never Settle’ slogan, OnePlus sure has no issues pushing out half-baked software updates that break more things than they fix. The phone is still usable but the erratic nature of the software means I never have full trust in it to recommend it to someone. Those who know their way around these things will be slightly miffed. Less experienced smartphone users might end up being frustrated. OnePlus can’t get its act together with the software and I don’t want unsuspecting customers to be their guinea pigs.

Those two things aside, it’s really not a bad phone. The design is lovely, the display is nice, and the phone is quite fast, even faster than the OnePlus 2, which isn’t surprising after reading AnandTech’s performance analysis of the latter. At 17k it’s decent value, just not the absolute steal you were promised.