Regarding the iPhone 6s pricing

Apple has sent out the prices for the upcoming iPhone 6s to retailers, which has naturally leaked online. If it wasn’t clear already, it should be now. The phone is shit expensive, starting at ₹62,000 for the base iPhone 6s 16GB to ₹92,000 for the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB. ₹92,000 for a phone seems downright ridiculous, and it is. But Apple has no intention anymore of competing with mainstream or even flagship Android devices on the market. 

The company seems well aware of the fact that the phone is now considered somewhat of a status symbol in India. The iPhone brand has immense value. A lot of people are more than willing to pay Apple the asking price (and often, a lot more in gray market before it is even launched), just to have an iPhone. For a lot of people it is an aspirational item, it is the phone to buy and everything else is just a compromise you make because you can’t afford an iPhone.

I can already hear the eyeballs of Android fans rolling in their skulls but out in the real world that’s how people feel. Most people want an iPhone. Apple knows all of this and takes full advantage of it. It is treating the iPhone like a luxury brand in India. And as with most luxury items, the price makes no sense. But then it does. You never really pay for the item with these things. You can calculate the sum of its parts all you want and there will always be a big gaping chasm between that price and the retail price. The premium is for the brand, the identity, the flaunt value. Most of these things are expensive just to distance themselves from the mundane and to give their owners a sense of having acquired something special, which in a way it is, since not many people are going to be able to afford it, giving it somewhat of an exclusivity.

So don’t cry over the iPhone 6s pricing any more than you would over the price of that Rolex Submariner or that Louis Vuitton bag. You’re just not the right audience anymore.