Interstellar discussion

I have to preface this by saying that Interstellar is a wonderful movie and I enjoyed it greatly. However, there are a few things about it that I wanted to talk about, things bothered or confused me. Naturally, there are a lot of spoilers, so only read further if you have watched the movie. Okay, so here goes. 

  1. I’m trying to understand why it was necessary to change history books and say the moon landings were fake. They could have just told the kids that look, times are different now. We aren’t going into space anymore. We need food now so just learn how to become farmers. I mean, even if a kid wanted to be an astronaut, what would he or she do? NASA was supposedly shut down. So why go through the trouble of making the moon landings seem fake?
  2. I wish the movie showed more about how a good a pilot Coop was. Apparently he was a good pilot, one of the best, and all we ever see of his former career was how he nearly crashed a plane (not his fault but still) in a minute long scene.
  3. NASA (NASA!) operating in secrecy is somewhat hard to believe. NASA operating in secrecy and still getting enough funding and resources to send multiple people into interstellar travel several times and also simultaneously building a space station to evacuate humanity is seriously stretching the limits of believability.
  4. Dr. Brand (Caine) knew Coop, even believed him to be his best pilot but never bothered to contact him for the mission. And when he suddenly shows up one day he hardly wastes any time into asking him to fly the ship, which was until then meant to be flown by complete amateurs. lulz.
  5. Why does Doyle die? Seriously, why the fuck does he die?! He was standing closest to the ship when the wave appears. He does not go to save Amelia, and instead sends CASE. CASE goes, saves Amelia, brings her back and this moron is still staring at the wave for no reason. He could have just gone inside the ship after sending CASE. He could have gone inside the ship after CASE got her back, but he just stood in the door for no reason. He literally died for no reason and for no fault of anyone’s but his own. Goddamned stupid moron.
  6. Regarding the time dilation, they say that time on Miller goes much slower than on Earth due to its close proximity to Gargantua and its gravitational pull. The movie doesn’t actually show them spend a lot of time on Miller (seemed like fifteen minutes and it all seemed to be in real time between landing and takeoff so you can’t say some stuff happened in between that they didn’t show) so not sure where the other roughly three hours went that would have been required it to be around 23 years back for Romily. I’m guessing it was in traveling to and back from Miller but not sure.
  7. Love. Fuck that shit. I hate it when movies and books try to show some form of intelligence and then bring it crashing all down by talking about sappy bullshit like love and how it’s a real ‘quantifiable’ thing. I hated it when J.K. Rowling tried to pass it off as the explanation for all the important stuff in Harry Potter and I hated it in Interstellar. In a movie about science fiction, this ‘love is the solution to every problem’ nonsense was the least believable thing.
  8. Holy shit Matt Damon is in this movie! And he’s a dick! But why is he a dick? I mean, I get the part about being a dick enough to send a beacon suggesting the planet is habitable when it’s not just to save your ass. But when they were there, why not just tell them what you did and why you did it? What would they have done, left him behind? What was the need to make them set up camp and then systematically start killing them all like a serial killer? They could have all gone back together to Edmunds and started populating the planet or whatever. He didn’t know Coop was going to bail on them. That happened after they got Murph’s message. But he had began fooling them even before that by telling them about the surface and shit.
  9. I had this weird thought when Coop’s helmet cracked. He could have spat on the crack and being the frozen ass planet that it was the spit would have frozen and sealed the crack or something. lulz.
  10. Also, Coop telling Mann that there is a “50-50 percent change of either of our helmets cracking” when his own helmet had a huge ass crack and Mann’s was just fine. Mann was like “lol chu” and headbutted him for being stupid.
  11. Amelia takes far too long to fly to the spot in a space ship to where Coop and Mann just walked on foot. Also, Mann somehow makes it back to the camp on foot in about the same time Amelia takes to reach Coop in a ship.
  12. Coop is not crushed by a giant black hole. These fifth dimension beings are somehow able to save him from that. But I guess that’s the fiction part of science fiction so whatever.
  13. I’m not sure how Coop manipulates the wrist watch. They show him physically pushing the books earlier to make them fall and control the dust to make it fall in patterns but then he just taps on the books (?) to control the watch. wut.
  14. Why did humans make a colony near Saturn? Wouldn’t it be cold as fuck out there? Why not somewhere close to Earth? Or Mars?
  15. Coop honestly doesn’t give a flying fuck about his son. Even though he was the one who kept sending messages long after he went into space.
  16. Edmunds seemingly died, although how, not sure. The planet seemed to be fine.

That’s all I can think of now. Again, these are just some things that I thought about but didn’t really detract from the overall experience of watching the movie. I kinda enjoy movies that make you think about them long after you’ve finished watching them. Who wants mindless entertainment that you forget about as soon as you walk out the theater?

Anyway, I might watch it again as I feel that should answer some of my questions that I may have just missed while watching the first time. If you have answers you can leave them below.