#Gamergate vs. Feminism

“People should stop supporting #Gamergate. It is misogynistic and oppressive to women in gaming. Gamers are being sexist assholes who are sending threats to women who standup to protest. Gaming culture and gamers are dead.”

“Are you a gamer? Do you play video games?”


“Which games have you played?”

“That’s irrelevant.”

“You know what? I’m also occasionally a feminist. Do you want to know my opinion on feminism?”


“Feminism is about hating men. All feminists are misandrists. For them, it’s not enough that women win, but that men must also lose.”

“That’s not true! Feminism is about equal treatment for men and women. That women should have the same rights and treatment as men in society.”

“But I have seen some feminists hating on men, saying they should all be killed, and that they are worthless.”

“You can’t judge an entire movement based on the actions of a few.”