After cricket, the second most popular pastime in India is taking offense over every little thing. Whether it is over religious matters, political parties, celebrities or even a rape joke. We just love to take offense and then outrage over things.

I understand that there are things that people care about deeply and when someone says something that goes against their belief it causes offense. But people often forget that not everyone has to like or care about things that they do. I’m an atheist, so I don’t give a diddly squat when someone insults one religion or other. I find them all equally ridiculous. I’m also unfortunately uninformed about politics, so it doesn’t bother me much (or at all) when someone says something about one party or the other.

But even if you are not indifferent to everything, there is no reason to make it your life mission to take offense over every little thing out there. Especially if you are on the internet, which attracts all sorts of people, where no one really is more right or wrong over the other when it comes to opinions. You can argue about facts all day; facts are facts and someone disagreeing with them just makes them an idiot. But arguing with someone over their opinions and beliefs just because they don’t align with yours is sheer dumbassery.

Moreover, you can’t choose to do something, such as following someone on Twitter or going to a standup comedy show and then complain about what they say. You chose to do it, they didn’t come to you. They can do or say whatever they want within their little world (as long as it is legal). If you don’t like it, you can just choose to separate yourself from them. Don’t like the food at one restaurant? Go to another one. There is no need to still go there everyday and then make a scene there or try to shut it down, as there could be other people there who have no problem with it and are having a good time. You are just being an asshole to everyone then.

More often than not, we have the option to not take offense¬†over something. Especially over a topic like religion, which is like arguing which PowerPuff Girl is the best (it’s totally Buttercup). We could turn our attention away from something that bothers us. Why go looking for things to take offense at? Do you also see a perfectly fine pile of dog poop minding its own business by the side of the street, go roll in it, and then complain about how much it stinks? Because that’s exactly what it sounds like when you outrage over a word, or a tweet, a movie or a standup comedy act.

But then again, it is far too easy to shut down the source of offense these days than to just grow a pair of balls and just deal with the fact that someone could have a different opinion about something than you and unless they came to you actively trying to offend you you have no reason to complain about them. We just love taking offense and now there are laws trying to protect our fragile, insecure minds. God bless this country, whichever one it is that you like the best and will cause least offense.