The ‘Diet Coke’ argument

So there is this old internet joke where people who get a Diet Coke with their fast food are made fun of. The argument of the people making fun is this: Since you are already consuming so many calories through the fast food, why bother saving a few with the Diet Coke?

I don’t get this argument.

First of all, every calorie you save counts. Anyone who’s spent some time in gym doing cardio will know how hard it is to get that calorie meter on the machine moving. A regular 330ml can of Coke contains 139 calories. To burn that many calories, you’ll have to walk or run an hour on the treadmill, or about half an hour on the crossfit machine. After about fifteen minutes on either machine, you can feel the light leaving your eyes, so you can imagine how hard it will be to lose the calories you gained from just one can of regular Coke.

Secondly, if there was an alternative to fast food with low calories, I’d take that. I’d take a ‘diet pizza’ over a regular pizza any day if it had zero calories and tasted just the same as regular pizza. But there isn’t one. So I have no choice but to eat the regular pizza if I want a pizza.

That’s not the case with Coke. There is a perfectly fine alternative available to the regular Coke in the form of Diet Coke that costs just a tiny bit more but saves me far too much time and effort in the gym later, not to mention the guilt.

So no, there is nothing wrong with having Diet Coke with high calorie food. In fact, if you choose to go with a regular Coke just because you are already consuming a lot of calories you are a dumb bitch and deserve to collapse on the treadmill the next day in gym.