Stop being fat

The latest fad among some of the overweight people is to be comfortable with their body. After years of being shamed for being abnormally large, the modern society is now telling them that it is okay to be overweight and that you should be proud of your body. This is the same society that tells kids things like everyone is a winner or that it’s okay to have something called veg biryani.

This is bullshit.

Anyone who tells you it’s okay to be overweight is bullshitting you. There is nothing okay about being overweight. Worse, there is little to be proud of.

It’s appalling that we have reached a level of pandering and mollycoddling that we are now promoting bad health just so that some people can feel good about themselves. You know how to feel good about yourself? Exercise and lose those extra pounds.

And this isn’t about trying to please anyone else. This is not to make yourself look good for others. Being fit is good for your own body, and it comes with a terrible side effect of also becoming more attractive (ugh).

Seriously, though, stop fooling yourself. Stop thinking it’s okay to be fat. That not everyone has to be healthy. That working out is a fad. I’m not just saying this because I started working out recently. I have been doing this on and off for several years now and there is no better feeling than when you see that weight go down and those clothes becoming loose.

I see a lot of overweight people in the gym. And I mean absurdly overweight. They could have sat home saying to themselves they don’t need to be healthy. But they decided otherwise and work their ass off towards a healthy life. Why they are doing that is of little importance. Some may want to look good. Some just want to be healthy and not die twenty years sooner. The important thing is that they are there and they are doing something about it.

Sometimes overweight people behave like they are handicapped or something. That everyone should be sensitive to their ‘condition’ and not give them too much flak for their appearance. You are fat, not paralysed. It’s something you can do something about. You can’t do anything about being ugly, or short, or, like, having just one hand and three legs or something. But if you are fat you can actually do something about it instead of complaining or wanting people to accept you the way you are. That’s like not showering and expecting people to accept you the way you are.

Also, I’m asking you to be healthy, not thin. There is a difference that many people don’t seem to understand. Thin is not healthy. That’s like removing the doors and seats of a car to make it lighter. Don’t be the whiny bitch who complains about wanting to be thin all the time. Aspire to better health, not being thin.

I’m sounding super preachy right now. In my case, I am acutely aware of my health and that I am overweight. I never fooled myself into thinking I look fine or that I’m not fat because I have these magic things called mirrors in my house that show me exactly how I am. My problem is actually getting off my butt and doing something about it. The first few days of the gym are always hard. It’s not what happens there that’s difficult (it is, though) but the real struggle is to leave your comfort zone and try to do something for the greater good, even if it is just for yourself. I tend to forget all these things every now until someone comes along and reminds me about it. But once you are doing it, once you get into the routine of spending an hour or two maintaining your health then you start feeling good about yourself and you want to do it more often. And tell everyone about how great it is.

This is why people who workout don’t shut up about it. Because eventually they figure out how great it is and they want others to know how great it is but they are usually shunned like they are some kind of crazy people, like those vegans or people who have dogs instead of cats as pets.

Moral of the story is, don’t fool yourself into thinking you are better than you are cause you will only be fooling yourself. There is no pride in being fat. People who work hard and achieve the body of their dreams deserve to be proud. You just sat there and stuffed yourself with food. Don’t wait for the inevitable health issues to crop up before you start working out to stay alive. Gym, cardio, yoga, whatever it is, give it some time. Do it for yourself if not for others. You are guaranteed to feel better about yourself and for a real reason, not just because some patronizing idiot told you on TV. And soon you will be writing blog posts about it.