Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM review

Okay, so here is my second video review. This was supposed to include a full fledged text review as well but that will take some time and I wanted to get this out as soon as possible.

This video review is a bit different from the last one, in that this was done entirely by me. Whereas the last one was shot and edited by Preshit, I did everything on this one, including the voiceover, shooting and editing. This will look and sound a bit worse because neither do I have the same equipment nor the same expertise in editing. Having said that, for someone with no experience with FCP X, I think this turned out well enough (mostly due to how excellent FCP X is).

Now there are a few things I know already. I know the video doesn’t look great because of the low light. I know the audio has a lot of noise (because I live next to the highway, which is next to the airport). I know the video is only 720p (which is about as high as my camera can go). I know Cortana can be used in India if you change the language but it doesn’t work properly. And I know my voice sounds funny and I talk fast (can’t help it).

Other than that, if you have any suggestions or feedback, do let me know on Twitter.