LG G3 Hands on


Got to spend some time with the G3 at the phone’s launch today. Here are some quick impressions from the short time I spent with the phone.

The design looks better in pictures than it does in person. The metal finished plastic isn’t fooling anyone and it looks and feels like plastic in hand. The phone doesn’t look bad but the HTC One M8, the Sony Xperia Z2 or even the Nexus 5 look better in comparison.

The phone is noticeably wider than the G2 and thus doesn’t fit quite well in hand. The display is also enormous so it’s not easy to reach the top either. It’s more of a ‘phablet’ really than a smartphone, just big enough to not be comfortable for one handed use.

The 2560×1440 QHD display is good. The extra pixels over a 1080p display aren’t really noticeable until you stare at a high resolution photo or a video at a close distance. As for the actual quality of the panel, I found it to be good enough, with slightly dull colors being the only minor issue. Save for the extra pixels, the One M8, the Z2 and the Galaxy S5, all seem to have a better display.

I wasn’t enormously impressed with the new LG UI. It looks better than the mess they had previously but it’s not exactly attractive either. At best, I’d call it pleasant.

I tried the camera briefly. The image quality in the low lighting conditions was excellent. The laser autofocus was quick, too. The overall camera experience on the phone seemed very promising and I’d like to spend more time with it in the future.

LG mentioned that the G3 has a 1W speaker. Despite being only a single speaker and pointing away from you, the sound is surprisingly loud and clear.

The phone comes with the LG Quick Circle case. I like the UI LG has for accessing the phone functions through the circular cutout in the case. I didn’t like the case, though, which looked and felt cheap, and it made the phone even wider.

LG has priced the G3 at ₹47,990 for the 16GB version and ₹50,990 for the 32GB version (MRP), which is bound to drop after a while. For that price, you also get the case worth ₹3,500 and a one time screen replacement worth ₹6,000. You also get a ₹5,000 discount on the LG G Watch if you choose to buy it along with the phone.

I thought the G3 was decent. Hard to call it the best phone of the year, which I believe is the HTC One M8 so far, but a good effort overall. Nothing really stood out about the phone in the short time I used it. I guess I will need to spend more time with it to appreciate it properly.