‘Godzilla’ review

Godzilla Poster

Godzilla is one of those movies I went to watch while knowing practically nothing about the movie. Sure, I’d seen all the trailers, but I didn’t know much about the subject matter and for all I knew, this was just Pacific Rim without the robots.

Writing about it now, it’s hard to say anything without giving something or the other about the movie away. It’s clear to me now how deliberately vague the trailers were and even when you thought they were showing a lot they didn’t really show anything. Trust me, even if you have watched all the trailers, there is so much going to happen in this movie that you will not see coming.

As such, I won’t delve too much into what happens in the movie as I would prefer you find that out for yourself when you watch the movie. I personally found the movie to be very entertaining. It starts off a bit slow, and there is not the big, explosive climax sequence that some may be hoping for. What happens in between is still very good, with several moments of sheer brilliance in terms of action sequences or cinematography.

On the other hand, there are also moments that don’t really make sense and not well thought out. The acting was good in general but the lead actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson (the Kick-Ass guy) was far too stoic. The other two main actors, Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe, did not have as much screen time as I’d have liked. Lastly, there is far too much teasing in the first two thirds of the movie when it comes to Godzilla, and it’s only later do you see it in full force.

Overall, though, I thought the movie was pretty amazing. It may not standup to critical inspection but as a sheer audio-visual spectacle it is bound to blow you away, especially (and I implore you do this if you have one nearby) if you watch it in IMAX 3D.