I’m not a Superman fan. Or at least, I wasn’t. I never read the comics. I just watched one of the previous movies, which I didn’t like much. I don’t know anything about the character and the story. So I walked into ‘Man of Steel’ with very low expectations.

And I was impressed. I know this movie has divided opinions but I had a smile on my face when the credits rolled in. I have always been a fan of movies with spectacular, over the top action sequences and ‘Man of Steel’ delivers in spades. The punches feel visceral; you can feel the raw power behind every attack. The people battling in these movies are not your regular human beings and the carnage they leave in their wake makes this extremely clear. They make The Avengers seem like a bunch of kindergarten kids.

Best of all, ‘Man of Steel’ is a fantastic showcase of the movie’s main character, Superman. It does a great job of displaying the man’s raw power and speed and honestly, during the course of the movie, he makes every other superhero look like shit. This movie shows why there is a ‘super’ in ‘Superman’.

Couple of other things I liked about the movie include the main villain, General Zod. He is a complete badass and an equal match for Superman, which is what makes their final encounter so spectacular. It’s not often you see the bad guy be of equal caliber as the good guy but Zod is, which is what makes him such a good nemesis.

The other thing is the soundtrack, which is terrific. Hans Zimmer has brought his A-game once again and it makes the already exciting action sequences seem even more incredible. I was a fan of the soundtrack even before watching the movie but now I’m completely in love with it.

I said before I wasn’t a fan of Superman but I am now. This movie does to Superman what Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy did to Batman. Any movie that makes you admire and respect a character that you had little care or affection for is a good movie in my book. It may not always make a lot of sense but for something based on comic books for kids I think it does alright.