From iOS to Android, and Living to Tell the Tale

Aayush Arya writes about his recent switch from an iPhone to an Android device, more specifically, a Nexus 4. Contrary to what those of you who know him might assume, his impressions about the hardware and especially the software are overwhelmingly positive.

Being an owner of an Android device for almost two years now and having used the operating system regularly since its early days, I must say I agree with everything he says. There is simply no doubt that Android is a better operating system than iOS and makes the latter feel like a prison. A very well designed and comfortable prison, mind you, but still a prison.

It must also be noted that Aayush chose the best time to switch over to Android. After struggling for four years, the OS has finally reached the level of performance that you expect from the world’s most popular mobile operating system. While it may still be a bit rough around the edges, it has finally matured into a fine operating system that should take care of practically every need and should please even the most hardened iOS users out there.