Regarding the HTC DROID DNA

So The Verge has already posted their review of the HTC DROID DNA, which you can read here. Just had a couple of things to say about this phone.

First of all, it’s incredible that we are already seeing phones with 1080p displays. It was only a year ago that the first phone with a 720p screen, the HTC Rezound, was released. I didn’t expect 1080p phones to come out at least until next year.

The reason I did not think it was possible until next year was not because we don’t have the technology to make such displays but rather to power them. HTC has used the Qualcomm APQ8064, which is an absolute beast of an SoC but even that can’t convincingly power this screen. Throughout the video I could tell that the UI was a couple of notches below what can be described as smooth. And this thing is running on Jelly Bean.

Another problem is battery life. It has been proven time and again that APQ8064 is not a good fit in a smartphone because it consumes a lot of power. Add to that a big, high resolution screen and LTE and you end up with shitty battery life.

In the end, the DNA reminds me of the new Retina MacBook Pros. Incredible display but the hardware powering it just can’t keep up. Just as it is the case with the Retina MacBook Pro, it would be wise to wait for the second generation of this phone.

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