If you’re importing the Nexus 4, here’s something you should consider

I believe I am a bit late in writing this but if you still haven’t pre-ordered your Nexus 4 there is something you need to consider.

Most gadgets launched these days have some technical issues in the first batch. These issues usually surface immediately in the first couple of weeks after the device goes on sale. The companies are usually quick to rectify them in the later batches and if you bought one from the earlier ones they will quickly replace them for you.

Except if you live miles away in a different continent.

Now I’m not saying the first batch of Nexus 4 will have hardware issues but if they do there is no way to know until the phone has been out in people’s hands for a while. If you were in the US, you could just send the device back for replacement. But what will you do if you imported the device? Wait for LG to sell the phone here in the hopes that they might be able to fix the problem?

Which is why I suggest you hold your horses for a month or so to see if there are any issues with the initial batch. If that is not the case and you don’t hear any major problems being reported then by all means go ahead with your purchase.

P.S. – I admit I did not think of this while I was trying to pre-order the device for myself earlier this week.

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