Remembering Steve

It’s been exactly one year since Steve Jobs passed away. To commemorate this day and the man himself, Apple has put up a nice tribute in the form of a video that plays when you visit today. Following the video is a quick note from Job’s successor, Tim Cook.

True to the Apple tradition, the video is simple and effective and Cook’s words are heartfelt. It is indeed a wonderful tribute.

It’s been a year since the unfortunate incident but Apple has shown no signs of slowing down, no matter how hard some people try to say otherwise. They have given us several great new products this year: the new iPad, the MacBook Pro with Retina display, the iPhone 5, the new iPods. And there’re still three more months left in this year and possibly, a ‘one more thing’.

It’s clear then that Jobs left the company in the hands of some truly amazing people. He may not be physically at Apple anymore but nevertheless, the company continues his legacy of being truly awesome.

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