Microsoft Surface RT priced at $499 or $599 with Touch Cover keyboard

Microsoft has finally announced the prices for the Surface running Windows RT. $499 for the 32GB model. $100 extra gets you the Touch Cover. Add $100 more and you get the 64GB of memory with the cover.

The pricing would have been fine if this was still 2010. The Surface is priced similar to the base iPad but lacks the significantly high resolution display and more powerful hardware inside the iPad, which makes it poorer value for money. And then there is this thing where Windows RT has practically no applications right now, compared to the thousands for the iPad.

I was of the opinion that Microsoft was going to price the Surface really low to make it an impulse purchase and thus quickly create a sizable user base, which is what Microsoft really needs right now for developers to think of Windows RT as a viable platform. If the developers bite, there would be more apps, which in turn would result in more buyers.

But it seems Microsoft is going after the profits this time. They are not even bundling the Touch Cover, which I thought was a given considering how much they advertise it. To me, this seems like a lost opportunity.

Bad move, Microsoft.

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