The iPad mini theory

Was just thinking about the naming scheme of the iPad and the iPhone. Unlike the iPhone that gets a new higher number in the name every year, the iPad didn’t. In fact, there was no number in the name at all. It’s just called the iPad. 

That makes you wonder what would happen next year in March. Would there be a new new iPad? I don’t think so. 

This is what I think. Apple would discontinue the iPad 2. Apple would also stop having multiple versions of the same display sized iPad. Instead, the iPad coming next year will replace the current iPad, that is the current iPad will cease to exist. The new one will have minor changes, including a faster CPU, better camera and probably a thinner, lighter design. 

And the iPad mini will replace the iPad 2. 

Here’s how I think the pricing could be. 

iPad mini 16GB: $299

iPad mini 32GB: $399

iPad 16GB: $499

iPad 32GB: $599

iPad 64GB: $699

This is why I think Apple may have chosen to not add a number to the iPad’s name this year. Because there is not going to be another product named iPad next year onward  There will be the iPad and the iPad mini. That is all. 

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