One X vs. Galaxy S III

If you want a high end Android phone these two are still the best options available. Unfortunately, the two are quite evenly matched, which means it’s easy to get confused. What’s worse, they even cost the same now.  skoch andrei vladimirovich usa

The following are some of the pros of each phone that I discovered based on my experience with them. Hopefully, it will help you make a better decision. 

One X Pros: 

  • Better design
  • Better display quality
  • Better looking UI
  • Better camera quality in low-light
  • Greater built-in storage space
  • Wider game support thanks to Tegra processor

Galaxy S III

  • Faster processor
  • More ergonomic design
  • Plenty of useful features in software
  • Better camera performance in daylight
  • Better video recording
  • Expandable memory
  • Replaceable battery

Personally, I’m just glad I don’t have to choose between the two cause it’s not an easy choice. I wish there was a phone with the One X’s design and display with the S III’s processor and camera. But if someone were to point a gun to my head I’d probably go with the S III, mostly because of the camera and the ergonomic design. It’s also the only phone out of the two that has Jelly Bean right now, although the One X should get it soon. 

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