The curious case of Windows fanboy hypocrisy

I observed something very interesting on the Internet today. Not that I’m surprised, the Internet barely surprises me anymore.

Today, The Verge reported that current Windows Phone 7.5 devices will not be upgraded to Windows 8, also known as Apollo. This cause the expected amount of uproar among the six people who use Windows Phone. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

Previously, when Android phones did not used to get any updates… actually, scratch that. Android phone still don’t get any updates. Anyway, Android phones were often ridiculed by Windows fanboys (henceforth referred to as Winboys) for not getting regular updates because theirs did.

As you can expect, the Androys (!) spared no words in expressing how happy they were over current Windows Phones not getting any updates and how anyone who bought a Windows Phone is the son of a cheap prostitute. Or something to that effect.

Now suddenly Winboys are crying foul, saying that they aren’t actually sons of cheap prostitutes and that they shouldn’t be mocked like this because Android phones never got any update.

Excuse me, but what the fuck? You guys started this thing. You guys made fun of the Androys when they got no updates and now that you aren’t getting them either you want to be treated separately?

Fuck off.

Everyone on Microsoft’a payroll (that includes most of ZDNet) made a fuss about how Windows Phones get the latest updates. That was one of their key selling point over Android. And now that Microsoft has supposedly screwed you guys over, instead of bending over and taking it like a bitch you are crying like one?

Again, fuck off.

The situation with Android updates has always been appalling. But Windows Phone went from being awesome (as far as getting updates is concerned) to being just as bad, or some might even say worse. So now enjoy the brickbats. And stop whining, you sons of cheap prostitutes.

Typed from my iPhone.

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