The future is Metro

I have been using Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my PC for the past few days and I must say I do like it. Having said that I still find the transition from the desktop to Metro UI jarring. Yes, for me it’s the other way around, because being a desktop user I find myself more in the desktop side than the Metro side. 

Till now I couldn’t figure out why Microsoft would have both the Metro and the desktop UI in one OS. But now I think that they are just conditioning the user for the future versions of Windows that will only use the Metro UI. Had they gone from desktop directly to Metro everyone would have started bitching, including me. Besides, Metro hardly has any applications for it so the switching process wouldn’t have gone smoothly at all. 

But in future when Metro does have all the basic apps and games, and that people slowly start getting used to using it with a keyboard and mouse, Microsoft would slowly cut the cord of the desktop UI. People would still complain, but only momentarily, before they realize that now they don’t really need the desktop UI at all. 

This could happen with the next version of Windows or the one after that. But I have a feeling that the current Windows UI as we know it isn’t going to stick around much longer. 

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