Top Gear isn’t funny anymore

People watch Top Gear for two things, the cars and the humor. All automobile shows have cars in them. That’s expected of them. But Top Gear was the first to mix in a large dose of humor into the mixture, which is what makes the show so popular, even among those who usually aren’t much interested in cars. 

But the humor is fading, the gags are getting tired and the jokes aren’t funny any more. 

I personally am a huge car buff so I mainly watch the show for the road tests. The features are something I have always been less fond of but it was still something I could sit through. But in the latest episode, the feature where Clarkson and Hammond help a TV show film the stunt scenes, was cringeworthy. Throughout the whole thing I was just waiting for it to get over. Even the road test in that episode wasn’t particularly good, which is not surprising with Captain Slow at the wheel. The only redeeming aspect of the show was the Star In A Reasonable Price Car segment, with Ryan Reynolds as the guest, who was delightfully hilarious and somewhat made up for what the rest of the show lacked. 

But it’s not just this episode. The show has been going down in terms of the number of laughs per minute for quite a while now. Earlier I was a too much of a fan to see it but now it has become hard to ignore. The jokes aren’t funny and it is the same stuff that they have been doing for years. The scripted sequences are now far less believable than they used to be and even the studio banter lacks the old charm. The humor is now too forced and I’m surprised they haven’t added a laughter track, yet. 

I think it would be nice to bring the focus back to the cars, like in the first episode of the current season (18). Episodes like that are the reason why I watch the show because they show exotic cars driven to their limits on some terrific roads, something we don’t get to see often. That’s what I think Top Gear should be about. Not three old men talking about each other’s penis.