The Man Who Laughed At The iPhone

The idea that Apple might get into the TV business is apparently making Samsung laugh. This reminds me of an incident that happened a while ago. There was a man called Steve Ballmer, who once laughed at the iPhone.

Here he is, producing the aforementioned laughter from his smug face. 

You know what happened to that man? He got his ass handed to him by Apple. Not only did his precious Windows Mobile fail, even the new Windows Phone is having a hard time. All this from a company that not just Ballmer but many other believed couldn’t succeed in this segment. 

And now we have Samsung laughing at the yet to be announced Apple TV. This is the same Samsung, by the way, that is getting its ass torched in almost every field Apple operates in, including smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and notebooks. 

I’m going to file this under my own claim chowder folder. Couple of years down the line, we’ll see who’s laughing. 

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