$999 MacBook Air for Educational Institutions

Apple launched a new $999 MacBook Air exclusively for educational institutions. It has replaced the white MacBook that they have been selling for a while now, even when they stopped selling it to the public. 

For $999, what you get is the hardware from the base 11-inch model but with the bigger 13-inch display. The one thing I hate about the base 11-inch MacBook Air is the 2GB RAM it comes with. In my opinion, every Mac (or every computer, for that matter) today should have at least 4GB RAM. I used the base Mac mini, which too comes with 2GB RAM and it was clear that it was begging for more memory. 

For a company that focuses on user experience, Apple is overlooking the damage that 2GB can do to the user experience of the students who will be using this machine. It’s especially important to keep this audience happy because if they are impressed it’s likely they will choose a Mac or Apple products in general later in their life. A bit more attention to user experience and a bit less on profits here would have gone a long way, Apple. Just sayin’. 

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